Newsletter July 2016

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Kidney - Solid masses

by Rinze Reinhard, Mandy van der Zon-Conijn and Robin Smithuis

from the radiology department of the VU University Medical Center in Amsterdam and the Alrijne hospital in Leiderdorp, the Netherlands

Most renal masses are incidental findings.

Many of these masses are renal cell carcinomas.

The goal of imaging is to differentiate these renal cell carcinomas from benign disease, but in many cases this is not possible.

However there are certain imaging findings, that are in favor of benign disease or low grade malignancy.

These imaging findings may offer guidance to patients and referring physicians to choose between treatment options like partial or radical nephrectomy, biopsy and tumor ablation or follow up with watchful waiting.

In this article we will discuss imaging features of benign and malignant renal tumors and tumor mimics.

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Robin Smithuis and Otto van Delden (editors)